Monday, April 8, 2013

Two Winners from Ottobre

About this time last year, I made a pair of pants for my son from an Ottobre pattern (1-2011-29). I had wondered if all the pieces and details were really worth it, but concluded that they were. I really liked those pants and felt inspired to try more similar patterns. And here we are, one year later, and I didn't do anything of the sort. Time flies.

I considered using other Ottobre pants patterns for this project, but in light of the time crunch, I went with the same pattern. I did need to trace all the pieces again in a larger size, but the construction was familiar and I had the outgrown pair to reference as needed.

Ottobre 1-2011-29: Front view

I love this railroad engineer stripe fabric and couldn't resist playing with the stripes a bit.

Ottobre 1-2011-29

Sadly, most of that gets covered up by the shirt. The back pockets don't get used, but I really like how they're formed. I left off the belt loops and outer leg zippers in the name of simplification.

Ottobre 1-2011-29: Rear view

The shirt is another Ottobre pattern (6/2012-18) - a classic that I think I'll use many more times. The pattern is actually for long sleeves, but I wanted short ones and adjusted accordingly. The fabric is left over from this shirt made for me.

Ottobre 1-2011-29 (pants)

I didn't do any close-up shots of the shirt, but I used grey thread for the topstitching and dark grey buttons. I like that the pattern has all the authentic parts of a classic collared shirt - collar with separate stand, sewn-on button placket, sleeve plackets and cuffs. A serious shirt for a serious boy.

Ottobre 1-2011-29 (pants)

Or not.


  1. I love the engineer stripe. It's so classic. Great job!

  2. They look great! I just have recently found Ottobre and I love them. I've begun a blog too.
    Love your blog - thanks for the inspiration!