Saturday, April 7, 2012

T-shirts for the Boy

The gift of very warm weather that we had back in March was just what I needed to get started on warm weather wardrobes for my kids. Now we're back to seasonal temps (not so warm) so the need for shorts and short sleeves isn't so urgent. But, I much prefer being ahead of the game and having options suitable for the weather.

As I do most years, I churned out some basic T-shirts for my son. This time I used an Ottobre pattern  for a long-sleeved T (1/2010 #24), but cut the pattern off for short sleeves.

Ottobre 1/2010 #24

I like the stripes of various blues the best. Perhaps because I haven't made a shirt from it before, unlike the other three.

Joy recently posted about sewing basics vs. fun items. I feel much like she does. I like my kids' daily clothes to be things that I've made. Honestly, I find it freeing. I don't like supporting the sweatshop industry or the slavery required to sustain it. I don't like seeing my kids' bodies used as advertising space for Disney or Nickelodeon (even though they don't see it that way) and sewing their clothes is a great way around that. I like that they can have clothes that fit without lots of wasted and unpleasant shopping time. I like that it is a tangible way to provide for my family. So, even though many people think it is boring, I'll keep sewing the basics for my family and me. I just wish it were easier to keep up with the demand! They grow so fast!

I also cut off two pair of pants with blown-out knees and turned them into shorts. These things, along with some hand-me-downs mean that one of the three kids is ready for spring and summer!

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  1. Nice T-shirts! I love sewing basics for my children as well!